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Sero 3/15 Silk Noil


Sero is a 3/15 silk noil yarn with a soft, matte texture. It is beginner-friendly and perfect for weaving luxurious shawls, scarves, cowls, and other garments. Suitable for warp and weft on a rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom, Sero comes in 3.5 oz / 540 yard cones.

Silk worms are farmed primarily in Asia (especially India and China). In developing Sero, Gist wanted to find a textile mill close to the source with priorities similar to Gist's - creating beautiful, high-quality silk while simultaneously understanding how the production process impacts the people making the yarn, and the places where it is made. Gist worked with Bombyx Silk, a company working with farmers in Nanchong’s Yilong County, in the northeast of China's Sichuan province, to develop Sero.

Bombyx Silk is migrating silkworm farming in that region away from mono-cropping and toward regenerative agriculture. Employing more diverse practices like rotational cropping, intercropping, terrace farming, and biological pest control enhances soil nutrients and creates a self-sustaining ecosystem. 

Created by Sarah Resnick, GIST: Yarn & Fiber is a little shop based in Boston dedicated to providing beautiful + unusual yarn and weaving supplies to inspire the community of weavers.

100% Silk Noil
540 yards / 494 meters
100 grams / 3.5oz
Sock / Fingering [1/Super Fine]
Knitting Gauge 27-32 sts = 4”
Needle Size US1-3 [2.25mm-3.25mm]
Crochet Gauge 21-32 sts = 4"
Hook Size B-1 to E-4 [2.25mm-3.5mm]
WPI 18-30
EPI/Sett 10-15

Hand wash gently in lukewarm water using a mild (bleach-free) detergent and dry flat.