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Manchelopis is a soft and airy unspun yarn produced entirely in the region of Castilla-La Mancha, a land rich with history and the home of Wooldreamers. The unspun 2 ply structure of this yarn allows for it to be worked at a variety of gauges depending on the desired fabric! You can hold one or two strands (see the product details tab for gauge and needle requirements for both 1ply and 2ply use).

We love Manchelopis for knitting, crochet, weaving, felting, and spinning!

This unique collection was created to honor the Manchega sheep, a breed native to the region, and the source of Manchego cheese! Manchega sheep are most commonly raised for dairy rather than their wool; with Manchelopis we aim to highlight the value of this natural fiber. Manchelopis is blended from the wool of two unique flocks being raised with traditional ranching practices with compassion for the sheep and the lands they graze on. With one flock producing dark brown wool and the other white, this line began with a range of colors in a light to dark gradient by blending the two wools together.

Wooldreamers is the company and dream of Ramón who has a passion for natural fibers and a belief that there is no better way to fight against micro-plastic pollution and climate change than the use of 100% biodegradable materials. Wooldreamers prioritizes sourcing natural fibers cultivated with compassion for the animals and land, building relationships with ranchers and sharing our vision for the future of heritage wools in Spain. They are able to keep our production chain short as all of Wooldreamers’ yarns are produced with traceable wools in our their own Okeo-tex certified mill.

100% Spanish Manchega Wool
Certified Organic

251 yards / 230 meters [100 grams] (worked 2ply)
DK [3/Light] (worked 2ply)
Knitting Gauge 21-24 sts = 4"
Needle Size US4-9 [4.50mm-5.50mm]
Crochet Gauge 12-17 sts = 4"
Hook Size 7 to I-9 [4.5mm-5.5mm]
WPI 12-15
EPI/Sett 5

503 yards / 460 meters [100 grams] (worked 1ply)
Sock / Fingering [1/Super Fine] (worked 1ply)
Knitting Gauge 27-32 sts = 4”
Needle Size US2-4 [2.75mm-3.50mm]
Crochet Gauge 21-32 sts = 4"
Hook Size B-1 to E-4 [2.25mm-3.5mm]
WPI 18-30
EPI/Sett 7-8

Hand wash gently in cold water and dry flat.