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Cocoknits Knitter's Block


First-time blockers are always amazed by the difference blocking makes to the final appearance of their knitting. After blocking, sweater parts lay flat, stitches even out, and what looked like a wild mess now behaves nicely. It’s like magic! 

This Knitter's Block kit is truly the ideal blocking kit! The blocking mat has a very low, lightly barbed pile with a fabric covering that gently grips your knitting without pilling or leaving fibers. It's super versatile and can be assembled in a variety of sizes from a square for sweater pieces, a long rectangle for scarves or a triangle for shawls.

The thick backing of waterproof EVA makes it suitable for use on any surface since moisture won’t seep through and it holds pins firmly in place. Blocked items dry faster than with towels because the tiles don't absorb water. it is also formamide and formaldehyde free. The mat is heat resistant, which is essential for steam blocking.

Everything comes in a sturdy 14”x14” jute bag that includes 18 interlocking, fiber-topped EVA foam tiles, each measures 12" × 12" (tiles from the new kit are compatible with older Knitter's Block tiles), 40 stainless steel t-pins, 48" square cotton woven cloth with 1" square gingham to help measure your finished piece.

Cocoknits - a knitting pattern and tool company - was created by Oakland, California-based Julie Weisenberger. Over the years she has developed and perfected a unique top-down, seamless method of sweater knitting called the Cocoknits Method, and created a line of tools that make the process of knitting and making easier and more beautiful.

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