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Botanically Dyed Cotton Thread


Stunning 100% cotton embroidery thread made by hand in Nishiogiminami, Suginami, Tokyo. NONA (formerly Temaricious) threads are hand-dyed from found natural materials such as weeds, fallen leaves, pruned branches, leaves, berries, and so on. A lovely choice for visible mending (like sashiko), hand-embroidery, cross stitch, saddle stitch binding, fine crochet, tassels, friendship bracelets, wrapping, and more!

Below is an overview of the botanicals used to dyed the six thread color families:

  • Reds are dyed with Madder, Red Cherry Leaves, and Avocado.
  • Yellows are dyed with Tagetes, Osmanthus, Onion, Pagodatree, and Fukugi.
  • Greens are dyed with Kudzu, Indigo, Pagodatree, and Onion.
  • Blues are dyed with Indigo, Cochineal, Chestnut, and Logwood.
  • Purples are dyed with Indigo, Cochineal, and Logwood.
  • Earths are dyed with Persimmon, Chestnut, Chestnut Burr, and Crape Myrtle.

NONA creates art by corresponding nature and our own senses. To create naturally dyed colors with plants is to receive the life from nature again. To make a traditional temari is like traveling through time. NONA wants to create something new while embracing the feeling of years passed.

Please bear in mind that naturally dyed yarn does best stored in a dark space to minimize the color fade. Due to the hand-dyed nature of the thread colors may be uneven and dye material may differ in the colors that it extracts causing changes from dye lot to dye lot.

100% Cotton
13.7 yards / 13 meters
Count (thickness of thread) equivalent to no.25 3/6