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Wild Hand is a community that believes in the magic of fiber craft: to bring together people who share a vision of an imaginative and just world. We're a place for fiber folk in Philadelphia & beyond.

We are a place for fiber folk. Nestled in Philadelphia’s Mt. Airy neighborhood, we offer materials, education, and community to encourage curiosity for fiber craft: weaving, crochet, knitting, felting, spinning, dyeing, knotting, stitching, fleece processing, and more! We believe that the wellbeing of our fiber community — including the people, land, and animals that create the supplies we sell — is more important than anything else. With that in mind, we carefully select the supplies we carry and promote. Wild Hand is a community that believes in the magic of fiber craft: to bring together people who share a vision of an imaginative and just world. Read more about our commitment below. Inspired by comforting design, the wonder and utility of natural materials, and always being on a learning curve, Wild Hand is a place where folks of all ages and abilities are in good company. Our community explores, plans, learns, and makes in different ways, and we make space that encourages these differences. We believe that the care and intention our hands put into creating something happily lingers in the materials, connecting us to each other and generations of fiber traditions before us.

Wild Hand is a community that believes in the magic of fiber craft: to bring together people who share a vision of an imaginative and just world. We believe that the wellbeing of our fiber community — including the people, land, and animals that create the supplies we sell — is more important than anything else. We recognize the power, privilege and responsibility of owning a business. We commit to challenging systems of oppression by regularly examining our own policies and practices: calling-in folks for conversation, listening to others, and reading, while graciously giving, receiving, and responding to the feedback we receive. Most importantly, we commit to using our privilege to benefit the lives of others. Below are some of the ways we are committed to doing this work:

  • We share physical and digital space with regard for our collective wellbeing — taking care of each other and creating spaces that are safe and inclusive for the beautiful Wild Hand community.

  • We’re on a learning curve and mistakes happen. We take responsibility for the harm our words or actions may cause.

  • Black Lives Matter. The fiber community, like all communities, has a history of systemic oppression and appropriation. We want to be a part of the repair, not the damage. We prioritize directing resources to BIPoC/PoC and LGBTQ+ folks in the fiber community, and to allies for whom social justice is central to their work. This includes our staff, teaching artists, designers, contractors, customers, and suppliers.

  • We welcome a range of cultural standards and expectations — being flexible, equitable, and open to the many different ways people talk, move, shop, and express themselves in the world.

  • Gender is self-determined. We don’t make assumptions about a person’s gender or pronouns based on cultural norms.

  • We listen to, believe in, and learn from the LYS [local yarn store] experiences of folks from marginalized communities.

  • Smaller able-bodies are not better bodies. We maintain our physical space in a way that is accessible and comfortable for all bodies and abilities. We promote and create samples from patterns that are size-inclusive.

  • We welcome all crafts, skill levels, and materials in our space — regardless of where they were purchased.

  • We do not support products and content that commodifies and/or appropriates the practices, ideas, expressions, and histories of other cultures. We will identify, acknowledge, and call-in for conversation our current and future working partners if cultural appropriation is part of the dynamic.

  • Access to economic resources is different for everyone, so we create opportunities for economic justice through free and sliding scale resources. We donate products and skills to local community organizations, and we adjust our margins with suppliers that have just started out and/or have traditionally been overlooked by the industry.

  • We grow our team’s compensation and benefits as our business grows — together we share in the success of Wild Hand. 
The Wild Hand commitments are based on many things: our collective experiences in the nonprofit sector, our work with cooperatives, our time in yarn shops, as folks from marginalized communities, and as folks with privilege. Our commitments are created by the hopes and dreams for what a work and community space can and should be. They are (and will always be) a work in progress. Your feedback is encouraged in this space (and necessary for our collective growth). It is our mutual responsibility to ensure that our commitments are upheld and improved-upon regularly. If you experience a break in these commitments please reach out to the shop at liz[at] or anonymously through the mail or our suggestion box in the shop entryway.

    With over 40+ years of experience as a maker, Yolanda is known for her creative handmade knitted and crocheted accessories. She enjoys sharing her creative passion through teaching (at Wild Hand and other places!) and coaching. Yolanda resides in Philadelphia.

    Emily is a longtime knitter and quilter, politics-and-pandemic-inspired cross-stitcher, and aspiring alpaca owner. During the day, she works in nonprofit news. She is most likely to be found in her garden, where she works on heritage seed-saving efforts and native plant promotion alongside her trusty, grumpy cat Bu.

    Theresa is a RN, Army veteran, and fiber artist from Newark, DE. She has been knitting since childhood and spinning since 2014. Theresa is also a local fiber dye artist and teaches knitting, spinning, crochet, dyeing at local fiber festivals, retreats, and at Wild Hand! Theresa is a contributor to PLY magazine's advisory board. She is a wife and mom to three sons as well as the owner of Ewe-Nited States of Fiber.

    Carlie is a self-taught knitter, avid cross stitcher, and natural dye experimenter hailing from Richmond, VA. A queer crafter and member of the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers, Carlie values building community through her fiber-based hobbies. She enjoys learning from and sharing her talents with others, both in person and online, and has an interest in craft history and material sustainability. When not making yet another batch of vegan chili, she can usually be found knitting in one of Philly’s many outdoor spaces.

    Shop creator + owner, Liz is a lifelong fiber tinkerer. She comes from the nonprofit sector (Liz helped created CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia) and has infused Wild Hand with the community engagement, equity-building, and creativity that was a part of her work in the nonprofit arts + culture sector for many years. This is the first yarn shop Liz has worked at and she lives around the corner with her mostly female human + animal family.

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