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Water Soluble Marking Pencils


Clover's water soluble marking pencils are fantastic for precise fine markings on fabric and can easily be wiped off with water. These non-toxic marking pencils are an essential tool for drawing hand embroidery and rug hooking patterns on cloth.

Pencils are sold individually and make from wood, clay, wax, and pigment. When sharpening use a small pencil sharpener. It's always a good idea to test the pencil with a swatch of the fabric you will be using.

Clover was founded in Japan in 1925 by young Toshio Okada, who would study in the park and use clovers to bookmark his pages. When he founded the company he remembered the hard work and dedication it took to succeed in his studies and all the clovers stuck between the pages of his books that accompanied him through his journey. Clover continues to be a household name for handcraft tools and accessories.