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Macramé - The Craft of Creative Knotting for Your Home takes you through everything needed to get started with a macrame project. Beginning with the basics, the book takes you through materials selection and sourcing, fraying, and tools.

The book's knot gallery covers 30 of the most popular knots including how to create 7 different patterns through various knot combinations. There are 21 original projects from wall hangings and plant hangers to a curtain, bench, and much more. Each knot, pattern, and project includes charts and step-by-step illustrations, combined with clear instructions suited for beginners and experienced makers alike!

Fanny Zedenius is the creator and owner of Createaholic. She is a Swedish macramé artist based in Stockholm with a long history of exploring different crafts. Once she discovered macramé, her life quickly came to revolve all around rope and knots. 

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