Less Traveled Yarn Trunk Show

Join us for the Less Traveled Yarn Trunk Show kick-off.



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Join us for a trunk show of yarns from Less Traveled Yarn. While dyer and owner, Sarah Wharton, will not be able to join us her yarn will be in shop starting Saturday, February 15th through Sunday, February 23rd.

Less Traveled Yarn believes strongly in the slow fashion movement, and providing the highest quality yarns to support your hand-made wardrobe. Offering a variety of bases, ranging from sock yarns to luxury bases, it is truly a pleasure to be a part of the garments that they know you will rock for years to come! Their flagship line, has really enabled their small family business (Sarah and her husband Matt) to take the “Road Less Traveled!” Because of your continued encouragement and support, they are lucky enough to get to do what they love every day, together!

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SARAH WHARTON is the owner and dyer behind Less Traveled Yarn. In 2017 she was working a corporate job, which entailed a lot of travel. Her time in airports and hotels was soon filled with knitting! As she got deeper and deeper into the craft, her desire for new colors and fibers surpassed what I she find locally in Arizona. Inspired by her surroundings and looking for a bit of a challenge, she decided to embark on her own fiber business journey!