Kerstin Fuchs // Artist Presentation

Mt. Airy artist, Kerstin Fuchs will present one of her multimedia fiber works in progress.



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1h 30min

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Mt. Airy artist, Kerstin Fuchs The artist Kerstin Fuchs in conversation with the audience about commonalities between the fiber arts community, it's love of fiber as material, and her own use of fiber in her deeply personal non-functional work. She will present one of her own multimedia fiber works in progress Zones of Abandonment 2019, and discuss how her work is informed by other artists and traditional techniques from her homeland of Saxony, Germany.


I was born in the former East Germany, the GDR, a country that doesn’t exist anymore. My parents unknowingly gave me a name referring to Christ, a name in itself so far removed from the system I was born into. It was important for a proletarian child to have a simple name. Certainly not a name that might suit becoming an artist. I was taught the values and ideals of a system that believed in the goal of educating a better human being. But, I was too young to put these values to the test in that authoritarian society before it was subsumed into West Germany.

In 2013 I moved to Philadelphia. The United States was so much beyond West Germany. The first time my parents visited the US, tears were running down my cheeks as I watched them walk down the hall in the airport. I couldn’t hold the camera steady while taking a picture.

Something that feels true one day can be wrong the next. Something that people refer to as normal here, is not normal somewhere else. As an artist I am not omniscient. I am just in the midst of it all. I am interested in the contradictions societies are built upon.

Living in the US, I feel myself confronted with many unspoken social norms, checkboxes I can’t relate to. Sometimes I just feel alienated because of it. The work in progress structure Zones of Abandonment 2019 deals with my feelings of alienation, with my anxiety. The process of navigating these feelings leads to different zones which can be real places or states of being – a punishment, a lack of empathy in your surrounding, a questioning of authority, ending up in a psychiatric ward, a prison, a life on the streets. They look different in different societies, and they might shift with times.

I am interested in the mental transitions into these zones and the circumstances it
happens in. I often walk through the woods, just breathing through and trying to be. I use the dirt as pigment and mix it with egg yolk, using simple techniques to bind what’s right in front of me.

My fiber-multimedia works, structures, are layerings of my time lived, without judgment. I don’t aim for a look or aesthetic at all. I am in conversation with what is in front of me, material and immaterial. I am weaving and binding in found materials, bridging them with threads, pearls, rubber, air dried clay, medical gauze. I place the structure in foam, holding it, cradling it, fixing the breaking parts over and over again, and letting it more and more become overgrown with threads. My structures are an organic outgrowth of engaging with these contradictions, feelings I can’t put in words of simple metaphors or juxtapositions.

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Kerstin Fuchs is a multimedia and performance artist, living in Mt.Airy Philadelphia. More information at