Certified Organic Merino Wool Tops



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100% certified organic merino wool 21.5 micron tops in a natural, undyed color.

1 oz / 28g is approx 42" / 1 m.

Tops are similar to roving but are combed instead of carded. All of the short fibers have been removed and what is left are long, unbelievably soft merino wool fibers that are all aligned. This stuff is so silky and soft it's kind of unbelievable. These tops are ready for your tapestry weaving, hand spinning or felting adventures.

O-Wool is a small company with the goal of providing knitters and crafters with a yarn that is environmentally responsible, affordable, and made locally in our very own Philadelphia and the USA. O'Wool skeins are wound in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia and some yarns are dyed down the street in the Germantown neighborhood. O'Wool sources it's non-mulesed merino wool from certified organic farms in South America and Australia.

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